Decision Making: If You’re Waiting for a Sign… You Already Missed It

If You’re Waiting for a Sign… You Already Missed It

If You’re Waiting for a Sign… You Already Missed It


Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #28

Have you ever been waiting patiently for something miraculous to occur in your life, some sign that THIS was the correct decision? And, while waiting for this sign, you rationalized that you should take absolutely no other action until the sign came?

But then, at some point, you woke up and realized that the opportunity of a lifetime had in fact just passed you by?

That’s the problem with living your life in a holding pattern. You end up constantly waiting for someTHING or someONE to make your dreams come true, rather than actually making them happen yourself.

I have often found myself in this predicament with business decisions. Perhaps you can relate to these little gems of entrepreneurial wisdom:

-Which list-building strategy do I implement first? (Ummm, I’ll just wait for a sign and do nothing until then, meanwhile my list will stay as dry as the Salt Flats… Yes, that seems to be a good strategy.)

-Should I launch Program A or Program B this month? Errrr… Or Program C?  (Hmmm… Looks like another great opportunity to sit back and wait for a sign.  Yeah.  That should make these programs launch themselves in the most efficient and lucrative order. Yup.  I like it.)

Or perhaps this one will tickle your sign-awaiting fancy:

-How do I attract a tribe of raving fans and soulmate clients? (Oh.  Wait.  They don’t just come to ME?  Crap.  Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll receive a mystical sign aaaaaaany day now as to how to bring all my peeps to the yard.  Until then, I’ll just sit back and ruminate on the difficulties of growing an online business.)

Are you starting to see the nonsense in spending all of your time WAITING instead of DOING?

  • Yes, I believe in praying and seeking divine assistance in making your choices.
  • Yes, I know that sometimes the answer is unclear, which can be pretty scary.
  • Yes, I understand that action takes guts, and a lot of people are running pretty short on guts these days.

And yet…No.

  • No, it is not okay for you to allow your dreams and goals to wither and die inside of you because you are afraid.
  • No, it is not okay for you to wait even one more day for some magical sign before you start taking action in your life.
  • No, it is not okay for you to be mediocre for even one more moment, when you are so clearly meant to lead.
  • This is the time to listen to your own inner wisdom, rather than waiting for external validation of your gifts.
  • This is your chance to not only come up with genius ideas, but to actually implement them.
  • This is your opportunity to be seen.
  • To be heard.
  • To make a resounding difference in others’ lives.

That burning desire to change the world? It isn’t given to just anyone. But, Gorgeous, it WAS given to you. It is now up to you to become the leader in your own life, your business, and your relationships. It is now up to you to choose the path unknown (or to stay safely tucked away in your comfort zone).

Never forget, you are here to lead. Innate powers and visions are sacred. However, if left unused and unclaimed, they will fade. Crumbling to ash from misuse and neglect. But, you. You wouldn’t want that. Would you? You wouldn’t let that happen to your dreams. Would you?

So, if they truly are your dreams, now is the time to rise up and claim them. What are you waiting for?...  A sign?

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