6 Secrets to Success and Satisfaction for Evolving Women

{and Satisfaction} FOR EVOLVING WOMEN

Article By: Kiki Federico
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #28

Success and Satisfaction for Evolving Women

Success and Satisfaction for Evolving Women

Our modern society puts a lot of weight on what we know and what we do as “proof” of what makes someone a leader. With the rise of holistic living and ancient wisdom traditions such as yoga, meditation and spirituality, our ideas of what makes someone a leader is rapidly changing. We are no longer willing to sacrifice our health and satisfaction for professional success. We are finding that Evolving Leadership ­ the kind the world desperately needs ­ has more to do with who you are and how you show up than your resume or accomplishments. Evolving Leaders are change­makers, and are here to BE the change. Here’s how:

Success + Satisfaction Secret #1: Get radically honest with how you feel.
Our ancestors were NOT told, “you’re too emotional.” In fact, Native American women were consulted by the men during their moon cycle. Their feelings were deeply honored as wisdom that was used to make decisions on matters that affected the whole tribe. As women, our feelings are one of our greatest powers and forms of intelligence, so let your feelings be heard, girl! Grab your journal and reflect. Give them a voice with trusted girlfriends. What is draining you? What fills you up? Whatever you do, do NOT ignore your feelings… They are here to tell you something! Practice tuning in to how you feel at least once per day.

Success + Satisfaction Secret #2: Slow down for self­care.
Self­care can often feel like another “to­do” on the list, but it doesn’t have to! You actually care for your energetic body and elevate your vibe when you slow­ down. Slowing down means less of your energy is leaking out, so more of it becomes available to you. Besides, frantic, frazzled and scattered energy doesn't resonate with people who are looking for a leader. Consider simple things you do every day as part of your self­care practice, like walking, breathing, and talking to friends. Consciously try to slow down, stop multi­tasking, breathe more slowly and deeply and look people in the eyes.

Success + Satisfaction Secret #3: Be willing to listen within.
In the digital age, it can be tempting to ask all your friends on Facebook or Google for advice. But the sages and mystics have known for aeons that the true teacher and all of your answers lie within. First, you must be willing to receive the inner guidance that is ready to flow through you. Then, make the time and space in your busy day to open to receive it. This means prioritizing alone time in silence, meditation, nature or movement to get out of your head and into your body to hear the voice of your deeper desires and inner wisdom.


Success + Satisfaction Secret #4: Listen to your community.
Stepping into leadership can be scary when we think that we have to be the authority and know it all. A true sign of leadership is understanding what your tribe thinks and cares about. A leader is more than a manager. She holds a vision and creates culture to motivate and inspire, in part by listening to her people. Take the pressure off yourself and schedule time to listen to your community or team. Allow others to feel heard. What do they need support with? What are their strengths? How would they approach things differently or make it better?

Success + Satisfaction Secret #5: Co-­create -- share and receive the support of sisterhood.
When we lived in tribes and villages, we had a naturally interdependent lifestyle. This is how we are designed to survive, hence our desire to feel like we fit in or belong. So the fiercely independent woman who doesn’t need anybody is a dangerous archetype. So is the belief that women are catty or competitive. Thankfully, wiser feminine qualities such as vulnerability, communication and collaboration are emerging as coveted qualities for modern leaders. Evolving Leaders leave their inner control freak behind and embrace being a team player. This isn’t just working well with others. It means believing that your success equals and enhances my success. It means actively supporting other women and receiving it in turn,­ building your a­team and sharing your vision. When you ask for help, you give someone the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of contributing. You tell the universe that you are worthy of receiving
support and want to focus more on what lights you up.

Success + Satisfaction Secret #6: Embrace death -- Let go.
Death is a time of gratitude and celebration in many ancient cultures. It is an opportunity to honor what has come before and release it to make space for new life. Death is a recurring, natural part of life and can symbolize the end of a project, job, relationship, habit, or belief. Clinging and attaching to people, ideas, memories, fears actually goes against our true nature. Make time in your calendar (the new moon is perfect for this) to regularly celebrate what you want to release that no longer serves you. What are you clinging to that you need to let go of?


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