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Interview by Angel Quintana
Photo Credit: Ready Gypset Go
Magazine: Issue #41

Photo by: Sarah Loven & Josh, of Ready Gypset Go

Photo by: Sarah Loven & Josh, of Ready Gypset Go

Where did you two meet and how did you decide to travel the world together? 

Josh first saw me at an event he was playing guitar for. He added me on Facebook- at the time I wasn’t sure if he was one of the many people I’d met, so I accepted because he was holding a camera in his profile picture. We started chatting and when my wifi wasn’t working, he hunted down my phone number and texted me. I normally would have been totally creeped out, but something about talking with him felt so natural! He spoiled me rotten and texted me all day every day. It was very easy to go with the flow with him!

After a couple years of marriage, we took every penny we had and road tripped across the country, from Cleveland to California. We wanted adventure, and we slept in our jeep and cheap hotels so that we could experience the west coast. It was after that experience that we realized how much we loved the nomadic life, and road tripped around like total vagabonds several times. It became a dream to do it full time in a tiny house of sorts. After our several road tripping experiences, I knew I required a few simple creature comforts to keep up with it- a shower, a bed, and a place for all my clothes and shoes. We settled on the idea of a vintage airstream, decked out like a gypsy caravan on the inside.

Photo by: Sarah Loven & Josh, of Ready Gypset Go

Photo by: Sarah Loven & Josh, of Ready Gypset Go

When did the idea of creating Ready Gypset Go as your primary means of living come? 

It was with our road trips that that blog came to mind and was born, and it all happened to come together through my creative ideas as I grew as an artist. I knew I wanted to chase my passions, and do what I loved for a living. The blog took some different aspects from those things and became what it is now- a creative space for other to find inspiration, and a place for me to pour out my creativity in fashion, travel, photography, writing, film, and the Gypset lifestyle.

Do you two have a plan of your travel destinations and length of stay, or are the places you go more spontaneous?

It’s a little bit of each. We’ve learned the balance that’s required for this type of lifestyle. You have to have enough of a plan to get you through, but be open minded and let the road take you where it pleases. Sometimes we let go and find out that not planning is even better. Sometimes we want the comfort of knowing what to expect. 

Do you two plan on ultimately settling down in one destination one day? Where would that be? 

After living the “tiny” life, I know I will never ever settle down like most people do. After tasting this freedom, we don’t want to be weighed by things like a house, bills, ordinary jobs, or get stuck in one place. I’ve learned that there is so much to be had when you let go of a lot of the things you think you “need”. We only need the necessities, and then we can have so much more room for experiences and freedom.

Your brand and lifestyle incorporates many different aspects and forms of expression, do you each take the reigns on certain parts or is it all a joint effort?

We definitely do almost everything together. We are attached at the hip. I do a lot of the creative conceptualizing. I’m a go-getter and very straight forward with my dreams and passions, and self-expression is like breathing to me. So I think I take the reigns when it comes to the creative aspect of everything. Josh is the guy who knows how to do everything, or if he doesn’t, he learns. He keeps our vintage trailer rolling, builds all the renovations I design, built and coded the blog from scratch & runs the back end, and he shoots 90% of the photography and video when I’m modeling. I am a photographer primarily, so it really in a team effort when shooting. I'm mostly DOP (director of photography) as much as I am the subject. I do all the photo and video editing, too. I learned my videography skills from him, though!

Photo by: Sarah Loven & Josh, of Ready Gypset Go

Photo by: Sarah Loven & Josh, of Ready Gypset Go

You probably gain plenty of cultural inspiration for your fashion, photography, and music- what would you say is the biggest contribution to that? 

I take inspiration from so much- movies, cultures, other people I find inspiring, history, and Pinterest! In fashion, I mostly just wear what I feel like wearing. It’s my biggest form of self expression. My photography has been developed since I was 16, and has become something unique to my own artistic style. I’ve been inspired by nature and have included it in my work since I can remember. So I lean towards shooting in amazing outdoor locations, with all natural light. I also love architecture, and when traveling, like to spotlight that to give a taste of the places we visit.

So far, what's been the biggest milestone in your guys' life, whether it's together or separately? 

The biggest milestone has probably been achieving full time life on the road, completely self sufficient and somewhat free to do and go where we please. Obviously there will always be limitations, whether from people and places, or income, but I’ve never been this free and happy in my life! It was a lot of work to get to this point, and I’m so very proud of our courage to chase our passions. I want to inspire everyone to take the same leap.

What's the toughest part of living a nomadic lifestyle? The most rewarding? 

The toughest part can be the constant movement. Things break down, rules for full-timing can complicate what you just want to be easy, and living outside of the society standard can be tiring in some ways. But I’m glad to say what was scary and tough in the first 5 months, has become very natural and even preferred now. Like any lifestyle, you just have to learn how to do it- how to survive, what is comfortable for you, and what’s not. I really think it’s so rewarding to be this free. When we are this self sufficient, I don’t have to worry about anything except for what we are capable of. If we need to work harder to provide more, we can. If we want to take it easy, we can. We are in charge of our lives, from work to our location, etc. So I think that is the reward.

Photo by: Sarah Loven & Josh, of Ready Gypset Go

Photo by: Sarah Loven & Josh, of Ready Gypset Go

Where do you see yourselves and your brand in the future? Any big plans? 

We are prepping for the next big things that are coming in the near future! We plan for international travels, sharing more of our lives and our art, and really sharing who we are. And some other exciting projects will take us into new areas that I’m really excited for!

Besides each other, who is your biggest support system? What's the main source of getting your story and brand out there? 

We really play by our own book, having created such a unique life and business. We rely on each other mainly, for support, to bounce ideas off each other, to learn what is needed and teach each other. We are do-it-yourself kind of people, and learn whatever we need to get the job done. Social media is our main outlet, namely Instagram and the blog, and I am amazed at the way I can reach out and inspire people online. As an artist, I love and even need that fulfilling aspect of reaching people with my work, and hearing from them. It in turn inspires me and gives me a reason to keep creating, for myself and for them.

So far, where's been your favorite place to live?

I feel like as we visit each place, they are each different chapters, wether is a whole state, or a town. Each offer something different, which can be equally good, better, or worse. But when we’re used to changing it up so much, we have gotten good at making ourselves at home anywhere. Which makes anywhere feel comfortable. But of the places we’ve been so far, I really loved most the coast in Orange County, CA. There’s so much to see and do there, and I wanted to explore every beach and cove. I really desire to always be near the coast. We both love the ocean and the boundless feeling of being near it..

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