2 Breathing Techniques to Raise Your Vibration


Article by Mindy Searcey     Photo: Matthew Henry

2 Breathing Techniques to Raise Your Vibration

2 Breathing Techniques to Raise Your Vibration

I have been practicing Yoga for 20 years and teaching for over 18 years. For me, Yoga has changed how I literally think and thus it has changed me from the inside out. I have many students that come to the mat because of stress, anxiety (my original reason for coming to the mat) injury recovery and so much more.

My daily work is full of one on one sessions with clients that originally come for the same reasons or some come to raise their vibration. We hear that all the time but does anyone really explain what it means or how it happens. You are in luck because I am about to lay it down.

Yoga has the ability to give you the tools to connect with your body, then your breath and once you plug into the breath that is where the magic happens.

For so long I thought the magic happened in headstand but then I got deeper into this practice and realized that all that physical work was to prepare me for the opening that would happen as I began my journey of breath work. We hear often about the posture practice or the mediation aspect but not a lot about the breathing practice.

What exactly is a breathing practice? Do I just sit and breathe? Is it really that simple?

Actually it is.

In the world of Yoga we have many different breathing practices; several that I would not recommend practicing without an experienced teacher.

However, there are two breaths that you can implement right now that can rock your world as well as help you change your brain wave patterns which LITERALLY changes the vibration in your ENTIRE body.

Yep, you have a frequency and you can tune into it and dial it up or you can check out from it and go low.

Kind of like a radio stuck on a staticky station… nothing is clear and it’s annoying..does this sound familiar? It most likely sounds like frustration, anger or some other emotions with a low vibration.

BKS Iyengar said it best,

“You have almost 6000 miles of nerves in your body and they all link up to the mind. Your breath is King of the mind.”

What? A breath meditation practice has been proven by Harvard Medical to reduce stress, depression and anxiety over 20% in just a short time. Sound like something you need or want? I got you! Keep reading to start practicing breathing right now and not only will you feel better, you WILL actually increase your vibration.

Equal Parts Breath: With this breathing practice we are simply trying to create and inhalation and exhalation of the same length.

I suggest for new students to count as they inhale to three and count as you exhale to three. Try working your way up to five. The count of five has been proven to be the most effective for all people. If numbers are not your thing try this mantra: “I am inhaling now” as you inhale and “I am exhaling now” as you exhale.

By practicing this even inhale/exhale daily we are balancing out the mind and creating a calm grounded state. This sense of “sameness” can help you become less agitated and more aware of the present moment.

Ocean Breath or Victorious Breath: is the staple breath practice of the Yogi/Yogini but it can be a meditation as well.

It has a tiny restriction at the back of your throat. Similar throat muscle contractions like when you use to fog up a window or mirror as a kid. This breath has immediate results. Here are just a few of it’s benefits:
 • slows down the mind
 • stills the emotions
 • relaxes the body
 • lowers blood pressure
 • improves concentration
 • reduces migraines
 • improves digestion

Breathe in through your nose and fill the lungs completely then contract the back of your throat slightly and make a soft, hissing sound as you exhale then repeat. The sound emitted will sound like a bit of steam softly escaping a tea kettle or a very gentle snore. The key is to NOT force it. Make it smooth and subtle on the exhalation.

We know that Yoga is great for us. Anything that connects the mind and the body is going to rock your world. However, the breath is where it’s at.

You can breathe standing up, at your desk, or lying in bed. You are already breathing anyway!

The difference is, NOW you are mindfully breathing. This is the key. Do the Yoga mindfully and you feel better. Start breathing mindfully and you can literally change how you think which means you can began to change your world.

Thoughts become things and these things create the landscape in which we walk. Choose this moment right now to create your reality in a connected, calm and aware way and I promise you that your vibration will be higher, brighter and full of love and light.

Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti. Peace in your mind. Peace in your heart and Peace upon your path.

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