Should You Get Off the Entrepreneurial Bandwagon?


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
Photo Credit: Spell & the Gypsy Collective
Magazine: Issue #33

Should You Get Off the Entrepreneurial Bandwagon?

Should You Get Off the Entrepreneurial Bandwagon?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably noticed that everyone and their mother wants to get on the entrepreneur train these days and with the coming of age millennials and Gen Y’s, that number continues to grow every year. 

Is there enough business to go around?

The answer is “yes,” there is plenty of business to go around, because just as the number of entrepreneurial dreamers grow, so does the number of dreamers who need your service, however, the challenge is how do you stand out and get noticed in a very crowded sea? 

You find your business success super power!

What is a business success super power? A business success super power is not like a Wonder Woman character, running around in a low cut sexy costume and stiletto boots, a business success super power is a very unique talent, skill or energy that all of us possess and feels natural to us, yet it’s not really something that others in your field can do. The super power that you have is not only going to draw your business tribe to you, but it will make the success of your business seem effortless and fun once you figure out your power and you know how to master it.

“With great power, comes great responsibility” -Spider Man

How to find your success super power

The first and absolute most important step is you have to drop the pity party attitude right now, if you have it! The pity party attitude is your kryptonite that will weaken you and keep you from both discovering and using your business success super power. If you have at any time, compared yourself to other people on social media or anywhere else, believe that others are more talented than you, feel like you’re not enough, or you wish you could be someone other than you, or any other self-doubt thoughts, then like Lex Luther trapping Superman, you’re surrounded by a wall of kryptonite that will eventually kill your success!  

What comes easy to you?

Once you have escaped your “kryptonite” the next question you ask yourself is what has always come easy for you or what have most people complimented you on as being impressive? Here are a few examples of success super powers that are exceptionally powerful in business that most people don’t think about:

• Ability to really listen to others
• Ability to intuitively know what someone needs
• You have strong energy and enthusiasm that is contagious to others
•  You can walk into a room with power woman confidence and get noticed
• You can connect well with others
• You know how to connecting others to each other
• You’re a master networker
• You make others feel warm and appreciated
• You can make someone feel safe and protected
• You can create beautiful, inspirational content in a flash, that people thank you for
• You can write in a way that others can emotionally relate to
• You’re a story teller, you can keep everyone on the edge of their seats
• You’re super funny, you make others laugh even in uncomfortable situations
• You’re super deep and aware, you can discuss anything from spirituality to the existence of life on other planets
• You’re very personable, you can instantly make someone feel like their the most important person in your world
• You rock at customer service and make your customers feel valued and listened to
• You can speak with power and conviction
• You are a computer geek who can easily create sites and social media strategies that get noticed

How to use your super power

When it comes to your personal super power, what may come very easy and naturally to you may not for others. For example having a super power of high energy and enthusiasm that is contagious, is a strong power, because people who possess that super power can make a wet piece of coal seem exciting and valuable enough to get others excited and happy to pay the high asking price for that wet coal. Most people, regardless of how many books and courses they’ve taken, will never be able to master that skill, because that skill is not a skill that they are comfortable with, however someone may have the computer geek super power and she can sit all day at her computer, inspiring and energizing a whole community of online people who love what she is doing and they will buy what she has to offer, without ever seeing their faces or speaking to them.

Master your super powers

Make a list of all of your super powers, pick three of what you believe to be your strongest super powers and learn how to master and channel it into your business success. For example, if your super powers are master networker, able to listen to others and you connect well, then stop spending your time behind a computer and find ways to connect with others face to face. The more you master your success super powers, the easier it will be for you to say up, up and away and fly to your dreams quickly!