3 Keys to a Total Money Makeover


Article by Jasmine Sreenika Crystalsinger
Photo Credit: Sajas Minrah
Magazine: Issue #34

3 Keys to a Total Money Makeover

3 Keys to a Total Money Makeover

Are you a Global Glamazon on a mission to captivate the world with your wisdom and do you sometimes struggle to create the income and impact you desire?

If you've been in business for yourself for any length of time, you will have surely encountered one of those dark nights of the soul where you feel you've done everything but still remain stuck in a holding pattern when it comes to your finances.

This frustration can even lead to bouts of fatalistic thinking, visions of shamefully slinking back to a soul-sucking 9-to-5 cubicle or worse.

Self-doubt is normal, but sliding into a downward spiral of chocolate truffle binges serves no one. And it doesn't get you any closer to running your gypset empire from a private turquoise lagoon in the Maldives, either!

So, put that truffle down- it's time to start stalking success the right way, starting with what's between your beautiful, bohemian ears.

What's needed is a money mindset makeover and the great news is that you can begin today!

Pleasure, purpose, and prosperity form a sacred triad and I teach a specific process that allows you to activate the trident that is their power.

Sacred Success Key 1| Pleasure
The biggest mindset mistake I see with clients who are struggling to expand their wealth consciousness is thinking that they will be happy when they earn a certain amount of money or achieve a milestone in their business. 

While some achieve their goals this way, they're almost always unfulfilled and left wanting more.

Your emotions are a very important guidance system and when you don't feel happy, you are invited to stop, get clear on what you truly desire to call in, and decide to start feeling good RIGHT NOW. What lights you up? What fills you with energy? What makes you feel juicy and magnetic? 

When you operate from a place of joy in your business you become mesmerizing and will magically attract clients, fans, and allies who will help lift you to the next level because you've switched them on. 

In addition, journaling about your joy juicers will help you channel genius money-making ideas, AND attract more opportunities to feel good in your life and business!

Sacred Success Key 2| Purpose
WHY do you want what you want? What will increased income allow you to experience, create, and contribute to your own evolution and to the lives of others? 

Your WHY is your driving force and your north star that allows you to navigate to miraculous new continents of achievement. It's the lighthouse that brings droves of ideal clients to the shores of your business to be transformed by your truth and to finally achieve their cherished dreams. It's what allows you to remain committed and stay the course so you survive stormy seas and sail more swiftly to success.

Spend some time in nature connecting to what makes you feel passionate and what fills you with a profound sense of achievement. Write down an experience that made you feel that way. Revisit this in your mind with all of your senses as a way to ignite the fire of your purpose and watch as you attract more opportunities to fulfill your aspirations at the highest level.

Sacred Success Key 3| Prosperity
For many, prosperity equals money but when I question my clients, nine out of ten times, their goals for prosperity are quite vague.

To begin, ask yourself what prosperity means to you, not what your family, spouse, or society believes, but what you feel and wish for in your heart of hearts.

• Does prosperity equate to a certain amount of money? If so, how much, and by what date do you desire to receive it?
• Does it mean a certain freedom and ease? If so, what does that look like?
• Does it mean an influx of exciting opportunities, if so which ones?

Feel prosperous right now by regularly showing gratitude for all the marvelous abundance you have in your life already!

Imagine experiencing the prosperity you dream of as if you had it RIGHT NOW. Any resistance you may encounter could point to underlying negative or ambivalent beliefs about money. 

Write these down, then drown them symbolically in a bucket of water. Choose to pen a new prosperity story. Write in the present tense and describe your life in detail as if you were currently experiencing your money miracle. Know that you have all you desire available to you right now in your energetic treasure trove. 

Make it a marvelous morning ritual to ask your intuition: "How can I achieve this?" Then record the insights and synchronicities that appear to bring your desires into manifested form. 

Take inspired action consistently and you will be amazed how quickly you are able to achieve your dreams by overcoming the fear that keeps you safe and playing small so you can instead expand into pleasure, joy, and infinite possibility!