Success Strategies for Charging Your Worth


Becoming an Empowered Woman

Becoming an Empowered Woman

Article by Marinna Rose
Photo Credit: Sajas Minrah
Magazine: Issue #34

So many women have a difficult time asking for their value in the service they give, especially those in the holistic industry. The secret of receiving your value is not only being able to show others the value you have to offer, but first and foremost YOU valuing yourself! 

You may know that you are worthy and feel what you have is very valuable, but if you are not resonating that out to the world in everything you do, you will NOT receive the value back from others and your clients. 

This comes from complete unconditional value for who you are and what you have to offer. If you even breathe a sigh of “No worries, I’ll make this work for you and adjust my time for your schedule etc..” Your value is lost in that same breath. 

Think about this. If you are not valuing you, your time, and program first, then how do you expect anyone else to? You know who they will value more? Your competitor. Even though they may not have the best program or might not be the best match. If your competitor stands in their leadership role without wavering, not giving anything up to get the acceptance of the deal, then the client will organically feel it is a better value.

Why you ask would they feel it would be a better value just based on that? Well that is the million-dollar question. They are standing in their value, not showing any desperation, not giving any of themselves up to be fed by the client valuing them… they already know they are valuable and do not need validation.

The client feels this validation energetically and they are attracted to this energy, because that is how the Law of Attraction works. Also the Universe responds to you standing in your value, it now knows you are valuing yourself and your goods, so it now delivers that value back to you.

Success Strategies to Receiving your Value:

Strategy 1 :: Work on yourself first. Look at your own life and see if you are receiving the value that you deserve, not just in business, but also in your personal life, friends & family. This is where you will find the truth of what you are resonating to the world.

If you are not feeling that you are receiving your value back, then ask some questions, do some journaling about what is blocking your value from being received.

For example: are you one of those great friends, sisters, mothers etc.. that prides themselves on always being there for everyone, dropping everything when they need you…but maybe when you are in need everyone seems to be too busy?

Strategy 2 :: Are you feeling conflicted on what to charge for your work? If you are everyone will feel this and you will not receive your value. Do some journaling in why you are conflicted. Is it because you feel you do not have enough education or not certified in your area? Well that’s all hooey, most conflictions are stemmed from other peoples opinions. So be sure to ask yourself where this is coming from, you’ll be surprised it’s usually not from you.

Now be sure to become solid in your foundation of what you feel is the correct value of your service without the outside factors and practice, practice, practice delivering so you feel very comfortable and come from a place of certainty and power when delivering.

Strategy 3 :: Coming from your power space, do not waiver when the client makes excuses. Do not give any of yourself, time or value up in this moment. Only ask questions back to the client of what this transformation is worth to them. Make them tell you how valuable your service is in their own words.

Remind them that the value lies in showing the Universe how serious you are about your goal. So when you are willing to take that risk, the bigger the better and the better result. When the Universe sees that you have taken this action it knows you mean business and it delivers!

P.S. These strategies also work with friends and family, be sure to come from your power space when they ask of you and only say yes when your heart is all in and nothing is expected back on your end. When you come from a place of obligation you both become the negative ends of the magnet and the energy exchanged has no charge, if any it is negative…the whole process becomes null and void. This approach was life changing for me, I know personally these strategies will get you on the road to emerging your Empowered Women that is hovering under the surface!

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