Are You Putting Your Business Before Your Own Well Being?


Article by Darlene Dunn
Photo Credit: Spell & the Gypsy Collective
Magazine: Issue #33

Don't Let Your Business Steal Your Mojo

Don't Let Your Business Steal Your Mojo

As holistic entrepreneurs start their journey in business there are a few things to remember:

Have a vision and a plan and determine to maintain YOUR self-care.

When my husband and I opened our holistic business over 8 years ago we knew we did not want our business to be a burden. We developed a solid business plan and opened our business with cash- now 8+ years later our business is still debt free!  

We were not afraid to make mistakes. And trust me, we made some big ones, but we learned from each and every mistake. That is the key, learn and move forward.

Unfortunately many holistic entrepreneurs put serving others before caring for themselves. This was the second area that my husband and I decided to do.  We make sure that we eat right, take time for massages, acupuncture and down time to rejuvenate. When you live what you teach you are an example to your family and your clients and you gain credibility.  

In 2014 we had opportunity to allow things to ‘fall apart’ but because of the foundation we had laid with our business and our lives we thrived through the adversity. My husband ended up in the hospital, I had to call our clients and ‘cancel’ their appointments and promise them that we would call as soon as we knew when he could return to the studio. The caliber of client we attract is high, only one of the clients was pissed off that we cancelled her appointment. I very politely told her I didn’t want her business and for her to go elsewhere!! We do not have to accept toxic clients! As a testament to how we built our business, once he healed, we didn’t miss a beat and went on to win our local 2014 Best of the Best contest!!! 

Stay true to who you are and what you want to accomplish. Keep your MOJO and you will go far!

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