It's Time to Makeover Your To-Do List

Makeover Your To-Do List

Makeover Your To-Do List


Article by Priscilla Wainwright
Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
Magazine: Issue #27

Most of us have to-do lists of some kind or another. Maybe it’s a goal list or activity list on your work planner. Perhaps it’s a tick-list of things you want to get done around the house or other personal things.

Are you a “list person”? Many of us are. I have a girlfriend who is so organized, she has a “list of lists”. She’s a human dynamo, but she still grouses to me that she hasn’t got enough time to get it all done. While she won’t admit it, she sees her life as one interruption after another. Do you fall into that category by any chance?

Do you have any time or activity on your list for your personal enjoyment, or development of a pleasurable nature? How about time for reflection or some other quiet time or Spiritual practice?


We women can be gluttons for doing, serving, and multitasking. (Supposedly we typically do the latter better than men.) I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw, “Men work from sun to sun; women’s work is never done.” This is often so true. Finish a hard day at work, come home, and who’s gotta cook, clean, take care of the kids? This can all become very draining after a while.

Proper self-care is critical to your physical, mental, and spiritual health.    Are you factoring personal nourishment (other than meals!) into your daily schedule? Every athlete knows that constant practice can lead to burnout and that periods of relaxation, especially prior to a match, improve performance.

Look over your to-do list and your daily schedule. See where you can insert a calming, relaxing practice, or maybe a gym workout. That ultimately will refresh you as well. Whatever you choose, do something that will lift your spirit.

If you’re new to this, you might need to deal with guilt or self-imposed demands, or felt pressure to accomplish. Determine a practice that you can live with over time, and commit to stick with it for 30 days at least.   By then, it should be a habit, and you will find new levels of energy.

Go for it, Tigress. You’re worth it!


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